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At Policy Powerhouse we provide insurance services which include policy documents, renewal reminders and up to date product information which is personalised and sent to you when you need them.

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Online Travel Agent (OTA) preferences

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Important: You can only insure OTA bookings if you control the bookings directly. If you do not control the bookings directly, please select “No”.

    OTA bookings can be insured If you accept bookings through Online Booking Agents (OTA) and you control the booking process:
  1. You take a deposit of not less than 25% of the holiday value at time of booking
  2. Payments are made to you (not the OTA)
  3. The guest accepts your booking terms (including a retention of 5%/10%/15% if cancelled within 90 & 2 days of check-in date). 100% cancellation cost if cancelled within 2 days of check-in date
  4. The balance of the rental costs are paid no later than 30 days before check-in date

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What percentage of the booking will you refund (within your booking terms)

Please select your policy excess. This is the amount of any claim that you would pay, in the event of the claim being accepted. Once you have chosen an excess, this cannot change for the rest of the policy year. The premium you pay for each booking is directly related to the excess amount you choose now. For example if you choose a 0% excess you can claim 100% of the refund given, if you choose a 10% excess you can claim for 90% of the refund given and if you choose a 20% excess you can claim 80% of the refund given.

The rate you pay for Cancel Cover is set by the refund policy that you apply to your bookings within 90 days of the check-in date. Cancel Cover allows you to operate a 95%, 90% or 85% refund policy. Rating effective from 1 September 2022:

% Of booking value covered Customer Refund Rate (inc. IPT)
100% cover 95% 4.38%
90% cover 95% 3.94%
80% cover 95% 3.51%
100% cover 90% 4.18%
90% cover 90% 3.76%
80% cover 90% 3.35%
100% cover 85% 3.98%
90% cover 85% 3.58%
80% cover 85% 3.19%

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At Policy Powerhouse we provide insurance services which include policy documents, renewal reminders and up to date product information which is personalised and sent to you when needed.

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